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We offer a range of specialized security services in an ever demanding and sophisticated world that we live in. Learn about them here.

Guards And Personal Home Security

Crackerjack Security Services Limited provides two (2) major guarding segments, namely Industrial Guarding and Corporate Guarding.

Staff Screening And Human Resources

Crackerjack Security Services Limited offers professionals of the highest
standards. A detailed background check and skills assessment during which all
employees’ previous history regarding protective skills, planning ability and
people skills, are done before employment

Security Risk Assessment

We offer planned and calculated solutions to your business and/or home security
by carrying out risk assessment of the property and business and presenting an
action plan for you to consider. We only recommend tried and trusted systems,
which have proved themselves in the market.

Supply And Installations Of Security Systems And C.C.T.V

The technical division of our business will supply and install all the necessary
equipment eliminating the risk of too many installers on your premises and
exposing your security system to a wide market of possible unscrupulous criminals
or informers. Our workmanship is of the highest quality and standard, as only the
best trained technicians are used. Our C.C.T.V. products that we install are ISO

Background Check

We carry out pre-appointment check, especially with regard to the analysis of
previous criminal records and credit records.


Crackerjack Security Services Limited, we provide training of the highest
standards to personnel employed as protectors in both Government agencies as
well as with the private sector. All employees are highly trained in defensive and
offensive combat. We offer a variety of professional training courses. All our staffs
are experts in the following fields that are offered by our Company:

  • Unarmed Combat
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Defensive Tactical Drivers
  • Advanced Planning

All staff are trained from solo low risk to high-risk team operations.

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