About Us

CrackerJack Security Services Limited provides Security Service Solutions to Organizations and Individuals in Nigeria through Intelligent Security Systems that combines Caring Guards with Cutting-edge Technology

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As we continue to provide excellent security solutions everyday, we hope to win the trust of residential, commercial, government, and industrial customers throughout Nigeria.

Our team specializes in coordinating locally customized security solutions addressing diverse social and economic environments.

The management of Crackerjack Security Services Ltd possess requisite working experience in security protection and background check. We pride ourselves with the value of our services and customer satisfaction.

Our personnel are professionally trained and highly equipped with technologically enhanced security  gadgets.

We have all the necessary licenses and clearance to provide security solutions.

Types Of Services Offered

The company offers a range of specialized security services in an ever demanding and sophisticated world that we live in.

We work with specialists in allied fields such as law, finance, security, media and communications. Although many of our clients approach us after the crime has taken place, we specialized in crime prevention and therefore focus on preventative measures in your business and private life being proactive in our approach to your situation.

However, we realized that crime is not a planned intrusion on the part of the client, and is a traumatic experience causing in some cases permanent losses and insolvencies, so we are trained to bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as humanly possible so that the victim can proceed with the healing process.

Our Specialties

Elite Home Guards Unit

Corporate Elite Services I

Corporate Elite Services II

Digital Services

Drone Services

CRACKERJACK SECURITY SERVICES LTD. has reliable fleet of tactical response vehicles manned by efficient, highly trained response officers.

All of our vehicles are branded and has state of the art GPS live tracking. They are communicating constantly with our control room so they can respond swiftly according to our policy and your instructions.

Our modern, secure control room is manned around the clock ensuring that alarm activations are dealt with immediately.

We provide a full range of security services across all market segments.

Our security solutions are based on highly qualified uniformed personnel providing a visible security presence, as well as an exclusive integrated IT approach using up to date information equipment and techniques

Our Vision

To lead the private security industry from our excellence in staff training to the design and implementation of customized solutions for our client and always with exemplary care.

Our Mission

To provide security strategies and service related to safeguarding of life, property and recovery.

Our Fundamentals

Professionalism and Service Excellence

Strict Employee Vetting and Training

Exceptional Security Organization

Dynamism and Innovation

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